Cuillin Ridge


"The Finest Climb In The UK"

12km of scrambling, 4000 plus metres of ascent/descent, several classic climbs and some abseils to say nothing of the 3 hour walk in and the same out


Sustained Interest

It involves the full range of scrambling and climbing techniques and includes several abseils.


The Ultimate UK Ridge

Enjoy it fast and light in a day or more leisurely over two with the bonus of a night up high.


The Holy Grail of British Scrambling

  • A big challenge but an achievable one for many people with the requisite fitness and the will to succeed.

  • Opinion suggests that less than 10% of those attempting the ridge manage to succeed on their first attempt. Let ATC help balance the odds in your favour. We can offer pre ridge advice and training ideas so that you arrive on Skye ready for action. Logistics can be optimised; food and water can be preplaced to reduce loads carried and increase the chance of success.

  • Adrian is writing the definitive guidebook to the ridge and knows it well having been active in the area for a decade.


Spectacular Scenery

The ridge traverses some of the best mountain scenery in the UK



Just imagine toasting success with a wee dram on the summit of Sgurr nan Gillean