Tought But Fair Testing

Adrian and Bridgette are out in the hills on a daily basis with photography clients or guiding in the mountains.

The Cuillin provide a tough testing ground for all kinds of outdoor and photography gear.

Some of the most rugged terrain in the UK with 1000m mountains, huge cliffs, lochs and the sea. Skye offers a variety of terrains from coastal areas and low level walks to mountain peaks with rough gabbro. Throw in an extreme climate with high winds, plenty of rain and icy winters and you have the perfect testing ground for both outdoor gear and photographic equipment.

Our tests may be tough and we may put a lot of mileage on gear in a short space of time but the tests are fair and honest.

Benro UK liked my review and prefaced it on their FB page with; 

"We believe in our tripods and heads... That's why we don't mind sending impartial photographers our products to review in harsh conditions. A big thank you to Adrian Trendall who really put our kit to the test in his TMA28C Tripod and B1 ball head review ."

Recent tests include products provided by

Benro UK

Scarpa UK

Saal Digital

The testing is tough but fair as we have usually tested gear that we already knew about and use so have long term experience of.  For example, we both have worn Scarpa approach shoes for many years and during a recent test  for Scarpa UK Adrian was able to do the  review in 3 weeks. During that short time the Scarpa approach shoes were used daily and on 3 traverses of the Cuillin Ridge totalling 100+ km and 11,000 metres of ascent so a tough but real test in a short time.

Having close links to Benro UK has meant getting to test new gear hot from the design process such as the much anticipated Benro GD3WH geared head.